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2001 Killers

Killer                                           Points      Killer                                       Points

Deric Cheeseman (Tweety) 6   Jim Wood Jr. (Jimbo) 4
Larry Fawcett Sr. 5   Rick Noblett (Lurch)/ Greg Mcgraw Jr. 3
Dan Whilden (Waldo) 3,2   Jason Cossaboon 9
Rob Hickman (Bachman) 1   Allen Cossaboon III (Hiednik) 2
Larry O'Donnell (Ted) 3,3   Dave Hullit Sr. (Hool) 4
Jeff Dowd 3   Byron White/ Rob Hickman (Bachman) 7
Tommy Phillips 2   Ron Noblett Sr. (Nobby) 2
Dave Hullitt Jr. (Lil Hool) 4   Greg McGraw Sr. (Moo) 4
Ron Burdsall (Birddog) 5   Rich McCafferty (Pork) 3
Willie McCafferty 2   Bob Trout (Bat)/John Dwyer 5
Dirk Ostroff 2